Active Server Pages, ASP 0131 Disallowed Parent Path

Internet Information Services 6.0

1. Open the Internet Services Manager in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
2. Right-click on your Default Web Site and select Properties.
3. Click the Home Directory tab.
4. Click the Configuration button.
5. Click the App Options tab.
6. Click to select the Enable Parent Paths checkbox.
7. Click the OK button until you return to the MMC.

Internet Information Services 7.0

1. Start Internet Services Manager.
2. Click Default Web Site, and then click Properties.
3. Double-click ASP in the Features pane.
4. Expand Behavior.
5. Click Enable Parent Paths.
6. Click True for Enable Parent Paths.
7. Click Apply.


loadTOCNode(1, ’cause’);

This is caused by disabling ASP’s “parent paths” for a Web site or application while using relative parent paths in an include statement.


loadTOCNode(1, ‘resolution’);

The best solution to the problem is to use absolute virtual paths from the root of the Web site instead of relative paths.

For example, if you use an include file named “” at the root of your server, the virtual path would be “/” If you use the same include file in a virtual directory named “/includes” on your server, the virtual path would be “/includes/”


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